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    Yangchew Ooi 

    4F Tower 2, No. 16 Xisihuanzhong Road
    Haidian District, Beijing China

    Languages: Mandarin, Malay, English 


    • Internal Audit
    • Governance, Risk & Compliance
    • Regulatory Consulting
    • Performance Improvement Advisory
    • Forensic & Financial Investigations

    Yangchew Ooi is the China Managing Director of Crowe Horwath Global Risk Consulting (CHGRC) and is based in Beijing. He has 28 years of extensive international professional, management, operations, regulatory, forensic and auditing experience (notably gained in China, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and UK) in business start-up, sustaining success, business realignment and turnaround situations. He has led the provision of internal audit, governance, risk and compliance consulting, regulatory consulting, performance improvement advisory, M&As advisory, and forensic and investigative services to major international and local conglomerates and enterprises operating in China since 1999.

    Highlights of Professional Experience 

    • Internal Audit: Under IA co-sourcing/outsourcing arrangements, led the delivery of IA assignments for various major local and multi-national companies in China covering:
      • SOX compliance audits
      • IT audits
      • Operational audits
      • Fraud audits
      • FCPA audits
    • Governance, Risk & Compliance: Assisted various Chinese enterprises prepared for and gained public listings in the US, covering:
      • Conducted pre-IPO reviews to identify significant internal control weaknesses
      • Developed and implemented corrective actions
      • Followed up on implementation of corrective actions
      • Achieved SOX compliance within 12 months following the financial year in which US listing took place 
    • Regulatory Consulting: Worked with various local and international clients addressed their FCPA and AML compliance issues through developing/enhancing compliance programs, policies and procedures, delivering trainings, and conducting audits/investigations.
    • Forensic & Financial Investigations: Under specified instructions from clients/their legal counsels, conducted investigations into suspected FCPA violations, sales frauds, procurement frauds, production frauds, assets frauds, and payroll frauds.


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