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Stock Redemptions and Recapitalisations

Our regionally based teams of valuation consultants has the professional training and certification and proven experience to deliver credible, well-supported valuation reports and conclusions that comply with your global tax planning, corporate finance and long-term planning needs. 

Global Corporate Advisors has extensive experience in valuation services for stock redemptions and recapitalisations.

As independent and objective advisors, we bring you credible and well-documented advice to support your decision making processes.

What can we bring to the Process? 

Stock Redemption 

Whether your redemptions are for the buy-back of minority interests or for majority owners to cash-out equity value to diversify their holdings, our services manage:

  • Compliance with international, national, regional or local tax rules and regulations
  • Dissenting shareholder or shareholder oppression issues
  • Estate and succession planning considerations


Global Corporate Advisors has extensive experience in valuation services in connection with restructuring.  Valuation services include:

  • Support for credit facilities of distressed companies
  • Refinancing of current credit facilities as a result of cyclical market conditions
  • Support to creditors for companies in bankruptcy or financially-related reorganisation
  • Assigning values to companies or divisions in connection with the spin-off of non-core operations

Why Crowe Horwath?  

Our dedicated valuation specialists are located in all major economic centres and have the proven experience and know-how to work with you and your team. We provide detailed valuation reports to will assist you to develop and implement your strategy.

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