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Pre-Deal Evaluation and Structuring

Understanding the risks and deal breakers before you pursue an investment or acquisition will help to reduce your costs and disruptions. Our experts have the experience and tools to help you make a proper assessment before you invest. 

We understand that when you are making a decision about a potential target timing is crucial.

Pre-Deal Evaluation is an upfront assessment of the financial and business position of a potential target. Once we’ve established that a potential target is suitable, Global Corporate Advisors can help you to structure the acquisition deal strategically, putting you in the best position.

What can we bring to the deal?  

Our services include:

  • Identifying the risks in the potential target business and its industry.
  • Evaluating the target business’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assessing the value of your potential investment.
  • Developing an optimal deal structure to fund the transaction.
  • Assist in developing a growth strategy.
  • Assisting in the initial financial model/projection and ongoing advice.

What’s involved?  

Evaluation of a potential target involves assessing the business and its industry from numerous viewpoints. When you understand all the risk areas relating to the business, you can make a confident and informed decision about your investment.

Global Corporate Advisers can provide you with:

  •  A detailed assessment of the target business measured against industry benchmarks.
  • A detailed evaluation of the risk areas and foreseeable hurdles.
  • A detailed strategic plan to help you structure the deal in your favour.
  • A methodology to value and bid on the target.

Why Crowe Horwath?  

Our teams throughout the globe are experienced in M&A transactions and dedicated to providing the best advice and strategy quickly and efficiently.  

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