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Intangible Assets Valuations

Our valuation specialists’ experience of intangible assets valuations, proven methodologies and ongoing research ensure that our valuations are commercially and technically dependable. 

Global Corporate Advisors’ valuation experts intimately understand the complex and often nebulous nature of intangible assets. They draw upon their considerable experience and ongoing research to ensure your dealings are always well considered, and that you achieve the best possible outcome.

As an independent advisor, you can be sure that our advice is free from bias.

What can we bring to the process? 

Intangible assets are non-monetary assets with no physical substance. Global Corporate Advisors can provide you with intangible asset valuations in the following situations:

  • Transaction Strategy (when buying, selling or transferring the asset)
  • Restructure (reorganisation of a company’s assets)
  • Financial Reporting (recognising and measuring assets after a merger and acquisition for accounting purposes)
  • Tax (for compliance and/or to work within the tax legislation)

What’s involved? 

Each valuation we undertake is different. Each requires different valuation methodologies and techniques depending on the intangible assets and your business situation.

  • Using our sophisticated research tools, we look into the company’s background, operations, customers and suppliers, its industry and markets and comparable transactions. We form a view on intangible assets inherent in the business and that are potentially identifiable from the goodwill of the business.
  • We provide a detailed review of all available methodologies and the selection of the most appropriate one for the particular circumstances.
  • We provide a detailed internal review which includes a second principal review.

Why Crowe Horwath? 

We take an independent approach, so you can be sure our advice is unbiased. Our valuation specialists are located in all major economic centres and intimately understand the complex nature of intangible assets, and apply this knowledge in valuing these assets. They draw upon their considerable experience and ongoing research to ensure your dealings are always backed by good advice and you reach the best possible outcome. 

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