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Independent Expert Reports / Fairness Reports

When preparing Independent Expert Reports/ Fairness Reports, our valuation specialists ensure the reports are prepared on a fundamentally sound basis, with relevant research, analysis and professional care – all in accordance with relevant legislative requirements and securities law. 

Each Independent Expert Report/ Fairness Report we undertake is different. As the fair and reasonableness report progresses, we bring into play the valuation methodologies and techniques that are most relevant to your engagement.

Global Corporate Advisors ensure when they embark on an assignment that there is strict compliance with independence principles (including the broader Crowe Horwath network), so you can be sure that our reports are uncoloured and unbiased. They are also completely confidential.

You will find reports prepared by our teams to be constructed on a fundamentally sound basis. They use relevant research, analysis and professional care in accordance with relevant securities law and legislative requirements.

What can we bring to the process? 

Global Corporate Advisors can provide you with Independent Expert Reports/ Fairness Reports in your local regional (and dependent on legal requirement in that region) for the following situations:

  • Takeover transactions
  • Schemes of arrangements
  • Compulsory acquisitions or buy-outs
  • Capital reductions
  • Prospectus or Product Disclosure Statement requirements
  • Buy-backs
  • Related party transaction approval
  • Transactions with persons in a position of influence

What’s involved? 

Each Expert Report/Fairness Report we undertake calls on different valuation methodologies and techniques. Global Corporate Advisor professionals apply those that are most relevant to the engagement.

We can assist you with our: 

  • Extensive knowledge of the securities laws that govern these transactions
  • Research in relation to current economic conditions and comparable transactions and company information
  • Reports which are defendable and to the quality expected by the investment community
  • Sophisticated research tools which are integral to establishing sound data on which to base our report
  • Detailed reviews of all available methodologies and the selection of the most appropriate one for your particular circumstances
  • Detailed internal review processes and control procedures

Why Crowe Horwath? 

Our valuation specialists have proven experience and know-how to ensure your report is credible and sound. Our research, analysis and professional care are of the highest levels, and are all in accordance with relevant legislative and securities law requirements.

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